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The objective of the technical department of Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) is to plan and provide the relevant services in line with the oil industry requirements of the country. Based on the requirements assessment, the following activities have been specifically followed out in this company and …

The technical department of Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) aims for planning and providing related services in line with the needs of the Iran’s oil industry. Therefore, Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) has been providing catalyst discharge, screening and loading services. However, it also has expanded its activities in other areas. The most important services and engineering operations in the Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) are as follows:

Discharge, screening and loading of catalyst in various reactors (Down flow reactors, Tubular reactors, Radial Flow Reactors).

Cleaning of containers by chemical and mechanical methods.

Construction of various equipment such as towers, tanks, reservoirs, heat exchangers, …

Non-destructive testing, equipment inspection and providing the personnel for fundamental repairs in other oil industry subsidiary companies.

Flow meter and reservoirs’ calibration.

Installation of internal towers and dishes