Technical Department

The objective of the technical department of Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) is to plan and provide the relevant services in line with the oil industry requirements of the country. Based on the requirements assessment, the following activities have been specifically followed out in this company and …

Commercial Department

Iran is full of oil and gas resources, and now various industries are working to refine the oil and gas and generate the desired products. The commercial department of Zhavandish Pouya technology company, according to the favorable context of…

Research and Development

The research and development department of Zhavandish Pouya technology company, has used professors of reputable universities and has utilized the experience of experts in the oil industry. Therefore, effective steps have been taken to localize the knowledge of manufacturing equipment, which …

Fanavary Zhav Andish Pouya (FAZHAP)

Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP), has used university professionals and experts, and has consulted with senior experts in industries related to the Ministry of Oil and for the first time, it has localized the knowledge of construction and testing the catalyst loading machines for different reactors in Iran. Also, with the launch of R&D department, we are trying to identify the needs of different industries so that we can take a small step, in order to meet the country’s need for foreign companies.

Company achievements

Catalyst Unloading

Unloading the catalyst from the reactors, evacuating the adsorbent from the dishes, etc. It is very important because of the direct impact on the overhaul of the operating units. The drainage of catalyst from the reactors to the type, the design of the reactor, how the catalyst is placed in the reactor…

Catalyst Screening and Sorting

After the catalyst is released from the reactor, a catalyst is used to screen the catalysts and ceramic soil from the catalysts. The catalysts screening machines are designed and built according to the needs of each industrial unit.


Catalyst loading

Catalyst loading in Fixed Bed reactors is done by Sock Loading and Dense Loading. Increasing unit efficiency and preventing the channelization of the reactor is one of the major advantages of the Dense Loading method. The devices used to operate…

Our latest projects

Unloading and Loading of Tower 301 Olefin unit for JPC by 250KW diesel Vacuumer

Unloading of Tower 251 Olefin unit for JPC by 250KW diesel Vacuumer

Loading of Reactor R-6802 Isomerization unit of PGSOC in N2 atmosphere by DENSE LOADING Method