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Catalyst Unloading

Unloading the catalyst from inside the reactors, evacuation of absorbers from containers, etc., is very important activity because it has direct impact on the overhaul costs and time of the operating units. Unloading the catalyst from reactors depend on the reactor type and design, the placement of catalyst in the reactor (Loading diagram), working atmosphere (Air/Nitrogen), and the facilities available at the industrial site. In certain situations where an operating problem has arisen for the industrial site and the catalyst or chemical is clogged inside the reactor, the conventional methods are not effective and specific approach should be considered.

Catalyst unloading method with gravity method, vacuum machine, wet method,…. Usually used for different situation and Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP), is fully ready to participate in overhaul projects of industrial sites.

Catalyst unloading from Down Flow Reactors

The structure of the Down Flow Reactors are different depending on the design and actual condition of reactors. In these reactors there is an outlet dumping nozzle at the bottom of the reactor that allows the catalyst to exit by gravity. In reactors with multiple beds, usually an output dumping nozzle is prepared in each bed to remove the catalyst from the reactor.

 Today, Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) has the necessary equipment and skilled personnel to evacuate reactors of industrial units and is ready to provide services in this field.

Catalyst unloading from Radial Flow Radiators:

Usually, in a Radial Flow Reactor, a specific catalyst is loaded. These reactors have an outlet nozzle at the bottom and it is possible to remove the catalyst from the reactor by opening the output dumping nozzle. For special situation vacuum machine can be used for top of the upper layer of catalyst depend on customer inquiry.

Catalyst unloading from Tubular Reactors:

 Fanavari Zhavandish Pouya company (FAZHAP) recommends to use their services for catalyst unloading such as Fish Tape,Air Lancing, Vacuuming ,…. .

 This method has following advantage:

When the catalyst is unloaded from the reactor, direct contact with catalyst dust is significantly reduced, which will have a direct impact on the personnel health.

The catalyst discharge rate is increased compared to current methods, which will reduce the overhaul time.

If the catalyst is to be reused, the catalyst will be removed from the reactor with the least possible damage.

Unload Catalysts from Reformer Furnace Tubes:

Reformer furnaces designed by different manufacturers have different structures. This difference also effects the catalyst loading/unloading operations. In the furnaces where the catalyst must be discharged from top of the tubes by vacuuming method. Also its possible to unload catalyst layer by layer in special situation.